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          Hot Word: SMMS、 SMS 、 M
          Shining behind is the pursuit of quality never

          Changzhou IPONE Machinery Co., LTD. is located in Changzhou which is in the Yangtze River delta hinterland with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Our company has design pioneers who have enterprising spirit and pay attention to product innovation, professional and high-standard manufacturing elites who pursue that quality is life, and strong sales and after-sales service team who pursue customer first forever.It is a limited liability company combining with manufacture ,research production and sales of SSMMS, SMMS, SMS compound non-woven fabric production line and other high-end spun-bonded non-woven production equipment. IPONE Machinery has been adhering to the purposes of "excellence and continuous innovation" and the management ideas of "focus on quality and service foremost ", and using its own strong high technology team to provide customers with high-quality service.

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